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Ivanka And Jared To Attend Media Conference

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First Daughter Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner are expected to attend a conference with media moguls, some of whom have spoken out against Ivanka's father, President Donald Trump.

The couple will be attending the Allen & Co. conference, where some of the world's most powerful media moguls will meet to discuss business, reports the New York Post.

The White House did not comment on the couple's plan to attend the conference, but an administration official said that they "were invited several weeks ago and are going as attendees."

The couple will pay their own way at the conference, according to CNBC.

Moguls at the conference are expected to attend presentations and discuss potential deals and possibly changes in regulation policies under the Trump administration, along with rafting, cycling and barbecues.

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Those attending the conference include Michael Lynton of Snapchat parent Snap Inc., hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller, and the CEOs of Apple, CBS, Dell, eBay and gaming company Zynga.

Disney CEO Bob Iger will reportedly not be attending the conference, though Disney Executive Vice President Kevin Mayer and Chief Financial Officer Christina McCarthy will attend.

"There's more pressure on cable players around the world, satellite, and mobile players, to merge or figure out how to offer all those together," said Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav. "Two to three years from now, you'll buy that all from one person. We have great, exclusive content to provide, so they're going to need us."

Kushner, who runs the White House's Office of American Innovation, is expected to do work related to overhauling the U.S. government's tech infrastructure as part of his job. Kushner previously owned the New York Observer for 11 years before selling it in 2017, reports Fox.

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When asked if he would discuss any policy issues with Kushner or Ivanka, Barry Diller, CEO of IAC, said there were "utterly none" he would discuss.

He went on to ask "why would anybody bother" talking to Ivanka and Kushner about issues, because he said that Ivanka's father "has no curiosity, doesn't listen, etcetera."

Democratic political strategist Hank Sheinkopf suggested the couple may be attending the conference to get away from a tumultuous atmosphere in the White House, according to Fox.

"It's good to leave somewhere where there's a problem to somewhere where there are no problems," Sheinkopf said. "Where would you rather be -- somewhere you were dealing with Russia or a place where you're among those with the same socioeconomic status and won't be attacked?"

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