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At least 29 people, most of them a suspected drug cilivians Lord stronghold during the attack on the police has been killed in the capital of Jamaica, the island government report.

Two police officers, Jamaica Defence Force soldiers and 26 civilians with a long push that began Monday in the dead, said Information Minister Daryl Vaz. Another 25 civilians were injured, along with six hosts Jamaica.

Christopher security forces of some people that the United States want to prevent the extradition is fighting "Dudus" Cook, who last year in U.S. federal court on marijuana and cocaine and illegal traffic in firearms murder with conspiracy had been charged with conspiracy to distribute.

Twenty six of the dead were civilians, and a Jamaica Defence Force members, 25 civilians and six members of the Defence Force security forces in Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town fought as criminal elements were injured, officials said.

Said a woman in front of her house was "more" and that police had taken away for questioning his nephew and grandson. He did not say how long their relatives will be arrested.

Violet Forum, New York, a U.S. citizen, said she was attacked because her house was locked.

"We can not see," he said. "We have no food, we can not get something for dinner .."

Forum, an amputee and asthma, 14 June is due to return to America.

Government said most of those killed were men and their bodies near the barricades, door, construction areas was imported from Tivoli Gardens and running through gullies. Called 211 people, including six women,, were taken into custody.

Security forces firearms, ammunition, binoculars, including army uniforms and ballistic is suppressed and search, the government said.


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