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Ivanka's Husband Takes White House Job, Avoids Rules

President-elect Donald Trump named his daughter's husband, Jared Kushner, as a White House advisor on Jan. 9. The 35-year-old will not be taking a salary, which will allow him to avoid ethics rules.

Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics tweeted: "Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to be UNcompensated as WH adviser, transition official says. (& no public ethics disclosures required by law)."

Reuters notes that Kushner's position will not require Senate confirmation.

According to the Trump transition team, Kushner was told by his lawyers that taking this position will not violate U.S. anti-nepotism laws.

Trump called Kushner a "tremendous asset and trusted advisor throughout the campaign and transition."

Kushner, a real estate developer, will be advising Trump on trade policy and the Middle East.

Kushner will reportedly work with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and senior strategist Steve Bannon, who was head of Breitbart News and a supporter of the racist alt-right movement.

Trump has promised to cede control of his business to his children -- Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka -- but has not provided details on how or when that is going to happen.

Six Democrats on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee announced on Jan. 9 that they asked the Justice Department and the U.S. Office of Government Ethics to examine Kushner's appointment.

The New York Times reported on Jan. 7 that Kushner’s company has received multiple loans from Bank Hapoalim, the largest bank in Israel, which is under investigation by the Justice Department for allegedly helping rich Americans evade taxes.

Two sources told the newspaper that the Trump transition team has told President Barack Obama's White House to relay foreign policy issues, to the president-elect through Kushner.

The business-mogul-turned-president has said that Kushner, who is Jewish, will be involved in dealings with Israel, and could help "do peace in the Middle East."

Sources: Alexis Simendinger/Twitter, Reuters, The New York Times / Photo credit: Bloomberg via Haaretz

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