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Justin Trudeau Sits Between Ivanka Trump And Wife (Photo)

Justin Trudeau Sits Between Ivanka Trump And Wife (Photo) Promo Image

A photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sitting between his wife and U.S. first daughter Ivanka Trump is making waves on the internet.

The Canadian prime minister was spotted sitting between the two women at at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit and Gala in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 10, reports TMZ.

News of the seating arrangement quickly fueled rumors among those who believe Trump and Trudeau are attracted to each other.

"Could've been a little awkward, since Ivanka and JT have shared a few glances and stated how impressed they are with each other," wrote TMZ.

"Unclear if Jared Kushner attended," the writer added, referring to Trump's husband. "If he didn't ... big mistake, buddy. Huge."

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"Everybody loves Ivanka," said one commenter -- although not everybody agreed.

"Urghhh...She's such a groupie," wrote another. "She can't even be discreet about her ambitions. Sophie [Trudeau] better keep a close eye on that rat off-spring. They can't be trusted."

"Girls do like guys that remind them of their father ... and Trump is most certainly a narcissist and sociopath," commented a second.

Whatever the status of their relationship, the evening also raised eyebrows for other reasons, reports The Telegraph.

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Trudeau was literally sitting in an awkward position when President Donald Trump’s name was booed by the audience, but the prime minister pushed through.

Trudeau, who was a keynote speaker at the gala, said he tries to "look for areas of agreement" when negotiating with Trump.

"I have conversations with the president every few weeks on any number of things," he added.

Trudeau also spoke of Canada's gender-balanced cabinet in his speech, recalling how he "went out and actively encouraged women to run" for election in 2015.

"Studies have shown that when you ask a woman to run for politics, her first question to you is, 'Really, do you think I should do it?' or 'Why me? Why do you think I would be good at it?'" he said.

"If you ask a man, his first question is usually, 'What took you so long to ask me?'" added the prime minister.

Trudeau previously met the first daughter at a roundtable discussion at the White House about women in the workplace in February. Again, photos fueled rumors the two harbored a crush on the other, with many making much out of Ivanka's "romantic" gaze on the Canadian leader.

"Relationship goals: find a woman who looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau," tweeted one person.

"Ivanka looks at Justin Trudeau the way I look at pizza," joked another.

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