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Ivanka Trump Fashion Line Workers Make $62 Per Week

Chinese workers who make clothing for Ivanka Trump's fashion line and other labels are reportedly paid about $62 a week for almost 60 hours of work.

The G-III Apparel Group, which has the license to make Ivanka's clothing -- $79 blouses, $158 dresses -- as well as clothes for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, contracts the work out to a factory in China, reports The Washington Post.

Inspectors from the Fair Labor Association toured the unidentified Chinese factory in October 2016 for two days, and noted that it violated two dozen international labor standards. According to the inspectors, the factory workers are required to put in 57 hours per week "on a regular basis."

For these grueling hours, the factory workers are paid between $255 to $283 per month, which is below the minimum wage in some areas of the country.

According to the inspectors, less than one third of the workers were offered required maternity, medical, pension, work-related injury and unemployment insurance.

The factory reportedly failed to pay into a legally required fund that helps workers pay for housing.

The inspectors also said the workers only earn five days of leave per year, although a slim number of workers were allowed more. The representative of the workers does not belong to a union, but is appointed by the factory.

According to shipping data, G-III factories have shipped more than 110 tons of Trump-branded clothing to the U.S. since October 2016.

The Fair Labor Association told G-III the problems that were found, and the factory promised to reduce its overtime demand rule, hire more employees, improve worker training and assess any work hazards, but it did not promise to improve workers' pay and pushed back on some workplace safety recommendations.

In 2012, Ivanka said that "G-III has distinguished itself as a trusted partner for some of the world’s finest and most visible brands."

She has promoted herself as an advocate of working women, and has a new book, "Women Who Work," coming out soon.

Ivanka wrote on the topic in an essay for the Financial Times on April 24: "We can add billions to the global economy by creating an enabling environment, increasing women’s [labor] force participation and business ownership, and improving the productivity of their work."

Her clothing company refused to comment, and G-III did not return messages from The Washington Post.

She spoke on April 25 in Berlin as part of a panel on women’s entrepreneurship. At one point, she was hissed at by the audience, reports CNN.

Ivanka was jeered when she bragged about her father's record: "He's been a tremendous champion of supporting families, and enabling them to thrive."

After being asked about the audience's reaction to her words, she blamed the media for perpetuating criticism of her father, and said many women have worked for him.

Sources: The Washington Post, CNN / Photo credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos via Wikimedia Commons

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