Germans Protest Ivanka Trump At Gala Dinner (Photos)


On April 25, Ivanka Trump represented the United States at a meeting of female business leaders in Germany.

At the event's panel discussion, which included Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ivanka was subjected to jeers from the audience, reports The New York Times.

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When she said that her father, President Donald Trump, was "a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive," some members of the German audience groaned and hissed.

Miriam Meckel, editor in chief of the financial weekly WirtschaftsWoche and the panel moderator, did not let the jeers pass without comment. "You hear the reaction from the audience," she noted to Ivanka. "Some attitudes toward women your father has displayed might leave one questioning whether he’s such an empowerer for women."

To which the first daughter responded: "I’ve certainly heard the criticism from the media, that’s been perpetuated." She then defended her comment by saying that the women who worked for her father's businesses "are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man."

Television comedians were quick to poke fun at the situation, as documented by The Times. Stephen Colbert's joke seemed to stick out among the rest: “Today, Trump sent Ivanka to Berlin to participate in a women’s conference, making her the first Trump to attend a women’s conference that didn’t include a swimsuit competition.”

Earlier in the day, Ivanka visited Berlin's Holocaust Memorial, which the Daily Mail deemed a savvy public relations move, considering recent comments by Press Secretary Sean Spicer. During Passover, he favorably compared Adolf Hitler to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, incorrectly said Hitler never used chemical weapons, and awkwardly referred to the Nazi concentration camps as "holocaust centers."

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Following the women's event, Ivanka attended a gala dinner at Deutsche Bank, which infamously supported the Nazi Party during its reign, as documented in books published by the bank's own Historical Institute, and which can be ordered from the bank's website.

Between 1933 and 1945, the bank aided in the state takeover of Jewish-owned businesses, and helped Hitler's regime consolidate control over the foreign nations it invaded, notes The Times. By the end of World War II, 44 of the bank's 84 officers were members of the Nazi Party.

Protesters demonstrated peacefully outside the Deutsche Bank building where Ivanka attended the dinner wearing a glamorous white dress with classic black heels and dazzling green earrings, reports the Daily Mail.

Sources: The New York Times (2, 3), Deutsche Bank, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Tabercil via Wikimedia Commons

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