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Italian PM Criticized For Gesture Toward First Lady (Photos)

The Obama administration held its final state dinner on Oct. 19, to which they welcomed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini, to the White House.

President Barack Obama promised that he "saved the best for last," a promise the first lady lived up to with her glamorous rose gold gown by designer Versace.

After photos from the state dinner emerged, in which Renzi was shown in several instances with his hand around the first lady's waist, some social media users were quick to point out the affectionate display from the Italian prime minister, reports the Daily Mail.

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"Prime Minister Matteo Renzi got his hand on Michelle back like, finally have a chance to do this," one Twitter user joked. "I'm watching you Renzi."

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During a speech at the dinner, Renzi praised the first lady, saying, "Michelle, I know that your tomatoes are good," referencing her garden at the White House. "But after hearing your speeches, allow me to be frank: Your speeches are better than your tomatoes."

"Thank you so much as a prime minister, and thank you so much as the father of a young woman," Renzi added, reports The Local.

Obama's final state dinner also featured a variety of guests, ranging from actors and musicians to politicians and members of the media. It featured food by chef Mario Batali.

Sources: Daily MailThe Local / Photo credit: The White House/Medium, Daily Mail

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