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Baier Apologies For Saying Clinton Indictment 'Likely' (Video)

Fox News anchor Bret Baier has apologized for asserting during a previous report that an FBI investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was likely to result in an indictment (video below). 

On Nov. 2, Baier stated that two of his sources had told him that an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation had become a high priority.

“The investigation into the Clinton Foundation looking into possible pay-for-play interaction between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Foundation has been going on for more than a year,” Baier said during his program, Fox News’ “Special Report.”

The news anchor added “barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment.”

On Nov. 4, Baier clarified his previous reporting during an interview with Fox News’ “Happening Now.”

The news anchor said that he had questioned his sources a second time and found that their confidence in an indictment was not as solid as he had previously stated.

“Well, that just wasn’t inartful; it was a mistake and for that I’m sorry,” Baier said. 

The news anchor added: “Indictment is obviously a very loaded word … especially in this atmosphere … It’s obviously a prosecutor who has to make that case and take the case to a grand jury.”

Baier concluded that he still stood by his sources. 

In August, the FBI had agreed with the Department of Justice (DOJ) not to issue subpoenas in relation to two cases that could influence the presidential election, The New York Times reports.

One of those cases concerned the Clinton Foundation and the other was an investigation into former campaign manager for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, who is suspected of illicit business dealing with Ukraine. 

Several law enforcement officials who had requested anonymity said that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation had not turned up substantial evidence by that point and had been instigated by the book “Clinton Cash."

Sources: Fox News via YouTubeFox News' "Special Report" via YouTube, The New York Times / Photo credit: Fox News via YouTube

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