Israeli Wedding Scatters as Air Raid Siren Sounds, Rockets Explode Overhead


A bride and groom found their Israel wedding unexpectedly interrupted by the sound of an air raid siren, which was closely followed by a rocket explosion in the sky above them.

The July 8 wedding was being held in the city of Holon, near Tel Aviv.

Footage from the outdoor wedding shows guests screaming when they spot a rocket flying directly over them.

The rocket is then intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Bride, groom and guests alike were sent scattering by a loud crash and two rockets being launched overhead.

Since Tuesday, Israel has launched air strikes at more than 400 locations in Gaza, killing approximately 50 people. Some of those killed have been women and children.

The series of attacks follows the more than 160 rockets that Islamic militants Hamas had fired at Israel over the past several days.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that a ground war is becoming increasingly likely.

Elite Daily reports that if the air strikes do not cease, tens of thousands of Israeli troops are prepared to invade Hamas.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Consul General stated that half of the country was in bomb shelters on Tuesday night.

Because most of these missiles hit evacuated territory, rural areas or were intercepted, no Israeli casualties or serious wounds have been reported.

Sources: Elite Daily, Jewish Press, NY Post

Photo Sources: Elite Daily, Collive


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