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Israeli Diplomat Seemingly Facepalms Over Trump Comment (Video)

An Israeli diplomat seemingly facepalmed after President Donald Trump implied Israel was not in the Middle East on May 21 (video below).

"We just got back from the Middle East," Trump said in a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during his foreign tour, the Daily Mail reports. "We just got back from Saudi Arabia."

At that point, the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer was filmed clutching his head while seemingly smirking.

He quickly regained composure, scratching his eyebrow and sweeping his hair, acting as if he did not make the controversial gesture.

Many on social media were quick to comment on Trump's mistake and Dermer's alleged facepalm.

"One can hardly blame the man," empathized one Daily Mail reader.

"Trump makes me long for George W again...and I thought he was the consummate clown," quipped a second.

"Trump is truly the most ignorant embarrassment of a President in US history!," wrote another.

Even those trying to be fair to Trump cringed at his comments.

"Every time [Trump] speaks i cringe," chimed in one person. "He does get criticized more than any President but much is brought on by his total lack of understanding the subject matter. His advisors are terrible. Their prep work is horrendous."

"He may do a couple good things here and there but that Trump is a complete airhead," wrote a second. "He needs some help with foreign policy it's painfully obvious."

A few chided the ambassador while others defended the president.

"That ambassador should be fired he is supposed to be the master of diplomacy and save his chuckling for later," wrote one person. "Shame on everyone for not having more class these days."

"He is not good at small politically correct what....he's a fighter and that's what we need," wrote a second.

"Try walking in his shoes for a day you might mess up too!" lashed out another. "He can't seem to catch a break but this too shall pass."

Trump made the comment during his second day of touring the Middle East. He also spoke about initiating peaceful conversations with Muslim countries in the region.

"We're going to have very productive discussions, in my opinion, with the leaders of other nations," Trump said, The Jerusalem Post reports. "And I feel strongly about that, because there's a lot of love out there. People from all nations -- even nations you would be surprised to hear -- they want to stop the killing. They've had enough."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Jerusalem Post / Photo credit: Alex Proimos/Flickr

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