Israeli Air Force Aborts Strike On Gaza After Children Seen At Target


In a recently released video, the Israeli Air Force is caught calling off an air strike because of children being spotted in the vicinity of the target.

The Israeli Air Force pilot manning the mission alerted command to what he could see at the target site.

“There are people close to our target,” the pilot says in the video. “It looks like there are people, possibly children in our targeted area.”

“We are not going to strike this target now,” the operator responds. “Let’s move on.”

This latest planned airstrike is a continuation of the ongoing Operation Protective Edge by Israel to stop Gaza militant attacks on Israel.

The Blaze notes that there have been reports from both sides of the conflict that innocent civilians are being targeted.

The released video aims to tell a different story about how Israel is approaching the conflict, and to show that they continue to carefully avoid civilian casualties, reports The Algemeiner.

Israel has been known to warn building occupants in advance of airstrikes; just last week they called off another mission when people ran onto the roof of a building to act as human shields.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Shot/The Algemeiner


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