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Israel Declares Ceasefire in Gaza

After 22 days of violence, Israel has declared a ceasefire to its offensive against Hamas militants along the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli officials, the troops will remain grounded in Gaza, but the attacks will cease.

The ceasefire was approved by Israel's Security Cabinet and has thus far been a completely unilateral effort. Only hours after the ceasefire was announced, Hamas militants began firing rockets into southern Israel, dissatisfied with the fact that Israeli troops plan to remain in Palestinian territory.

"The troops on the ground is a declaration of war against the Palestinians," a Hamas spokesman declared on Saturday. "Israel did not offer anything."

Despite Israel's effort to bring an end to the violence, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made it clear that his nation will not simply stand by if the Palestinian aggression continues:

"If foes decide to continue to fight against us," he said, "then we will be ready and we shall consider ourselves justified in replying,"



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