Islam Does Not Promote Violence


Islam does not promote violence. Islam came with love, peace and self respect. Islam respects the lives of people, animals and even trees.

The western media driven by certain ideologies mainly (Israelies) tend to blur the image of Islam and muslims and attribute all wrong doings to it. Why? To make some people happy and be rewarded thereafter, or becuase the owners of these media means "mostly Jews" hate Arabs and Muslims and always try to distort their image in the world.

These same media show to public the the photoes of the Arab palestinians who were killed or injured by the Israeli forces and gangs as "Jews killed by the Arabs". They reverse the facts just to please Israel! What benefit they getting out of forjing the truth to the benefit of the Israeli fashists who clame that Hitler killed 5 million Jews while they are killing Arab Palestinians every day on Arab land which they occupied by force in 1947 and 1967 by the help of Britain and USA who still support them in a land that is not there's.

These acts make the Arabs and Muslims angry with the west because they support our enemy all the way without even thinking of the turth which they also killed.

We as Arabs and Muslims have the right to defend our land which is occupied by foreigners and this mentioned in the Quran as the word "Jihad" which means to defend yourself, family and belongings even against a muslims who attacks you or family. So, we have the right to defend ourselves and this applies to all nations. No one having logic could say the contrary except those supporing Israel in the west bank and allied forces who killed millions in Iraq for no reason but forged ones such as 9/11 which is proved that it was an inside job from the first instance. See the books and fimls published by Amercians themselves such as "fehrenhite" which shows WTO floors explode before collapsing down.

Jihad also means to thrive against satan and not listen to him. To do good all the way to you and to others. To be honest in dealings with the society and accept all people with just and fairness. Islam does not call for different treatment depending on religion or race, no. A muslims must treat all the same and be just and fair to every human. Even to animals. Islam ordered us to separate the cattle and slaughter one by one so that they do not see each other being slaughtered. Isn't the hightest level of mercy and care?

Islam allows Muslims to eat Christians and Jews food, marry christian and jew women, trade with them, live among them or the opposite. Christians and Jews are living in Arab and Muslim world for thousands of years without any problems. Problems came only with the western democracy! which also came with blood shed and destruction to all means of life from humans sould to industrial areas, residences, animals, trees and even waters!

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