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ISIS Militants Slaughter Launch Massacre In Village For Not Meeting Islam Conversion Deadline

The Obama administration recently launched airstrikes on ISIS militants in northern Iraq, and despite claims that the military action is improving the situation in the region, the latest reports show that ISIS fighters are continuing their massacre.

According to reports, ISIS fighters entered the village of Kucho on Saturday and killed around 80 men. Hundreds of women and children were reportedly taken hostage, and the massive attack comes after villagers failed to meet the organization’s Friday deadline to convert to Islam.

Iraq’s former foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari believes that the infiltration of Kucho occurred for a different reason, however.

“The villagers had received local assurances that they were safe,” said Zebari. “Maybe they killed them in revenge for the setbacks they have suffered from the air strikes.”

Six men were reportedly able to escape to a nearby village, and one allegedly told those villagers that over 80 men were lined up and shot. The mass killing and kidnapping comes as counterterrorism experts warn that ISIS could potentially launch attacks against Europe and the U.S. in the near future.

Sources: IJReview, Washington Post, Yahoo News


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