Woman Stoned To Death By ISIS With Approval From Her Father (Video)


Disturbing new video from ISIS shows members of the terrorist group stoning a woman to death, and her own father is reportedly part of the crowd throwing the rocks.

The woman in the clip is reportedly accused of committing adultery, and while she begs for her father’s forgiveness, he refuses to give it to her.

“Don't call me father,” the man says to his daughter. “I am not your father anymore.”

“I am sorry but my heart won't let me.... I hope God forgives you but I won't.”

The woman, who has a rope tied around her neck, is then dragged to the middle of a pit once the father signals for the execution to begin. The ISIS members proceed to stone the woman, and eventually, she dies, although the moment of her death is not shown in the clip.

The terrorist group posted the video on social media, and it is said that ISIS uses stoning as a method to punish women for committing adultery. Reports also say that it is believed to be “honorable” for the father to end his daughter’s life after she’s betrayed him and their religion.

As a warning, the clip itself is disturbing, but you can view it below.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Gateway Pundit, Mirror UK


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