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ISIS Reportedly Burns Its Own Fighters Alive

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ISIS reportedly burned its own fighters alive after the Iraqi city of Ramadi was re-captured in late December by Iraqi forces. The terrorist group's soldiers allegedly fled from Ramadi to the ISIS stronghold city of Mosul, Iraq, reports Fox News. 

A former resident of ISIS-controlled territory in Iraq currently residing in the U.S. and in contact with family in Iraq described that “[the soldiers] were grouped together and made to stand in a circle, and set on fire to die,” reports ABP Live.

This is not the first time ISIS fighters have fled a city. Tikrit was reportedly re-taken by Iraqi forces with little resistance from ISIS fighters, reports IBT. 

These brutal tactics of intimidation have been used by ISIS before, according to former U.S. intelligence advisor Michael Pregent. 

“There is no surprise on executing ISIS fighters from Ramadi. They did the same to fighters after Tikrit,” said Pregent, according to ABP Live. 

Pregent described ISIS as “paranoid, fracturing from within,” reports Fox News. 

The former intelligence adviser observed that “[ISIS] is using more women and children executions to intimidate -- the harsher the tactic, the more desperate the leadership is,” reports Fox News. 

The re-capture by Iraqi forces of Ramadi, the capital of the Iraqi province of Anbar, dealt a significant blow to ISIS. Clint Watts, Fox fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, held that ISIS may be heightening its brutality and violence as it loses control of territory.

“ISIS’s pattern of internal killings looks remarkably similar to al Shabaab’s decline in Somalia. As Shabaab lost ground and defectors increased, internal killings and harsher punishments were meted out across the terror group, further accelerating the loss of local popular support,” reports Fox News. 

Iraqi government forces, operating with the support of U.S. and coalition allies, have said that the ISIS-held city of Mosul is the next target to re-capture, reports IBT. Mosul is the most populous city controlled by ISIS. 

Sources: International Business Times, Fox News, APB Live / ​Photo credit: ABP Live

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