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Is UK Electronic Cigarette Consultation a Sham?

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A UK government body, the Medicines and Health products Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA), is holding a consultation on what to do with the electronic cigarette.

Yet according to a leaked Trading Standards letter a decision has already been made - before the end of the consultation!

The letter, which was written by a Trading Standards officer, Helen Wale of West Sussex, stated:

"The outcome will be that of a date (yet to be announced) there will be a 21 days period and then these products will be outright banned in the UK, unless the traders apply for certification as a medical device from the MHRA. This process could be costly and expensive so it is expected that many traders will cease trading."

Source: Leaked Trading Standards Email

When contacted, the MHRA admitted that the letter was genuine, but maintained the writer was mistaken and that a decision had not been taken.

Is this a genuine mistake, or is the MHRA ‘consultation’ a sham?

Disclaimer:  The writer works for E Cigarette Direct, the UK distributor of the NJOY electronic cigarette.


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