Obama Replaces Waterboarding with Execution?


WASHINGTON -- After ripping President Bush as immoral and un-American for waterboarding terrorists the Obama Administration executed an unarmed terrorist in front of his wife.

The question that must be asked is, "If waterboarding terrorists is immoral torture and un-American why is it now moral and American to execute an unarmed terrorist in front of his family?"

The Obama administration cannot have it both ways if the execution of an unarmed bin laden was acceptable then waterboarding cannot be condemned.

Rev. Mahoney, director of the Washington DC based Christian Defense Coalition is troubled by the double standard and hypocrisy of the Obama administration.

Rev. Mahoney asks President Obama these questions:

-- Is the new policy of the obam admini executing unarmed terrorists instead of waterboarding them?
-- After changing the story of Bin Laden's death several times can the President now offer a definitive narrative?
-- How much resistance did Bin Laden offer?
-- How many children were in the compound and how many were injured?
-- After the execution of an unarmed terrorist will President Obama still condemn waterboarding
-- After ordering the execution of an unarmed Bin Laden will the President give his Nobel Peace Prize back?

In no way should these comments be construed as an attack on the heroic and courageous efforts of our Navy SEALs, rather they are presented as a challenge to the double standards shown by the Obama Administration when dealing with terrorism.


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