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Irish Oracle Employee Fired For Standing Up For Rights of Indian Worker

Ian Spandow, a former sales manager for the global software company Oracle, is suing the company for firing him because he refused to tolerate its discrimination against an Indian worker.

Spandow voiced his concern when the company planned on bringing a well-qualified employee from India to its California office on a salary of $50 thousand a year—which Spandow’s sales director reportedly called "good money for an Indian," according to the suit.

Spandow had enjoyed a successful career at Oracle, first in Europe and then in California. A native of Ireland, he was promoted several times and rose to the position of sales manager at Oracle’s headquarters, where he worked under an L-1 nonimmigrant visa, which allows companies to bring their foreign employees to domestic offices for a temporary period.

In September 2012, he asked to transfer a worker from India to California under the same visa program. The employee had worked for Oracle for seven years.

Though Spandow wanted the company to give the employee "a compensation level that was equivalent to Caucasian employees hired by Oracle for the same position," his manager said he would offer one "substantially lower,” the suit alleges.

"I can't in good conscience, even mention $50K/$50 to him," Spandow wrote in an email to his supervisor, Ryan Bambling. "It would be nothing short of discriminating against him based on his ethnicity/country of origin. How or what do I have to do/write to get a reasonable (60+) offer to him?”

According to Spandow, the missive received a “stern response.” A few weeks later, Spandow was fired.

Spandow has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Northern California requesting Oracle pay him monetary damages for the "humiliation, embarrassment, mental anguish and severe emotional and physical distress” that he suffered, as well as attorney’s fees. He also claims that he was discriminated against because he was Irish. And he wants Oracle to change its hiring practices.

Sources: IT World, The Register


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