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Iraq Bans U.S. Travelers In Wake Of Trump's Travel Ban

In response to the travel ban initiated by President Donald Trump, Iraq has instituted a travel ban for U.S. citizens, preventing them from entering the country.  

The Daily Mail reports that in the wake of Trump's order to put a 90-day moratorium on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, Iraq -- one of the countries on that list -- has announced its own travel ban for Americans.  

It is not immediately clear how the ban will work -- whether it will apply to military personnel, NGO officials and aid workers, or oil companies and other American firms doing business in Iraq.  

What also remains to be seen is whether the dual bans instituted by both the U.S. and Iraq will have an impact on the relationships and cooperation on the ground in the fight against ISIS there. 

According to The Independent, the Iraqi foreign agars committee said the following in a statement: "We ask the Iraqi government to reciprocate to the decision taken by the U.S administration. Iraq is in the frontline of the war of terrorism ... and it is unfair that the Iraqis are treated in this way."

Many Iraqis who resettle in the United States have risked their lives to help U.S. forces in Iraq, whether as translators or information gatherers or spies. They are already subject to some of the most extreme vetting procedures before being granted visas.  

Meanwhile, Iran's senior vice president, Ishaq Jahangiri, has labeled Trump's ban "illegal, inhumane, and against human rights." Iran intends to denounce the U.S. at the U.N., as well as other international bodies, in order to expose what he calls its "human rights" violations. 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Independent / Photo credit: Democracy Now!

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