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Iraq Foils Al-Qaeda ‘Chemical Weapons’ Plot

Iraqi officials say they foiled an Al-Qaeda plan to drop chemical agents, including sarin gas, on Europe and North America, via remote-controlled toy planes.

Five suspects were arrested, said Defense ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Alskari. Military intelligence followed the men for three months and uncovered three workshops where sarin and mustard gas were being manufactured.

Authorities seized remote-controlled planes at the workshops they believe would have been used to drop the chemicals over targets from a safe distance, about one mile away.

Rami Ruhayem of the BBC reported from Baghdad that all five men confessed to the terror plot and said they received instructions from an al-Qaeda group.

Al-Alskari said the investigation was made possible by cooperation between Iraqi and foreign intelligence services.

The Iraqi offshoot of Al-Qaeda is believed to be the only one to have used chemical weapons. From October 2006 to June 2007, the terrorist group set off 16 crude chlorine bombs in Iraq.

While hundreds were sickened by the chlorine, there were no deaths. The blasts, however, did cause fatalities.

Many of the militants responsible in the chlorine attacks were detained or killed and their weapons confiscated by U.S. and Iraqi troops.

Sources: BBC News, TheBlaze


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