Iran Proves Bush Right

There once was an American president so ridiculed, so dismissed as an idiot that he is considered by some to be the 'worst' president in history.

Nothing he said was right. What he didn't lie about, he was too stupid to understand. He started 'unnecessary wars'. He was his VP's puppet. He was Big Oil's puppet. He was his father's puppet.

He lied, and our kids died.

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This is how his epitaph, written mostly by so many on the political left - and many unfortunate moderates and some rights who have been swayed - reads.

Now that epitaph may have to be rewritten, all thanks to a Middle Eastern maniac whose actions have done the once unthinkable: they have proven George W. Bush a genius.

Back in January 2002 when Bush introduced his 'Axis of Evil' theory, he listed Iran along with Iraq and North Korea as imminent threats to global security and safety. He claimed that these 'rogue' nations were major supporters of global terrorism, and were each seeking what came to be the buzzwords of the Iraqi conflict: weapons of mass destruction.

As time when on and the ultimate smoking gun that became the requirement for justifying the military action in Iraq wasn't found, namely nukes or other massive WMDs, that was all the citizens of coalition nations as well as the ever-slithering media needed to discredit both the war and Bush himself.

The accepted common thought became 'Bush (or the intelligence community, or both) misled the people about Iraq, so why should we trust him about Iran, North Korea, or anything else?'

After all, it was only in 2007 that a National Intelligence Estimate on Iran claimed that Iran had long abandoned its nuclear ambitions.

The fact that the Bush administration had been sounding warning bells about Iran at that time just compounded the President's distrustful image. A leaked NIE document was taken as truth above that of a sitting president.

By the end of his time in the White House, Bush's credibility on foreign policy was perceived as zero. Americans wanted 'change', especially after a decade that began with a horrific terror attack and was followed by years of war on two fronts.

And so the Great Apologist Obama was elected. The war in Iraq was ignored like it just wasn’t happening, and the new policy was to 'talk' to those on the other side

of the fence. Not quite appeasement, but understanding.

We were too disliked by the rest of the world because of Bush foreign policy. Obama was here to change all that. The West was not to rush to judgement. Hell, how long did it take Obama to finally admit that there was an actual 'war on terror'?

Now we find ourselves in a dangerous new world in 2010. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proudly announced that his nation has gone nuclear, I'm sure to the astonishment to all of those who were absolutely certain that Bush was lying.

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But Dubya was bang-on. As he warned, Iran is rushing unabated towards nuclear capability. North Korea continues to be trouble, with recent missile test launches that caught the attention of the world community. It should be noted that they, too, have a manic as leader.

The only nation that made up Bush's Axis of Evil that is not a current nuclear threat is Iraq. You could even say that Iran is what Iraq would be today if not for U.S. and allied military action.

What is certain is that while his claims were discredited and his warnings dismissed as the ramblings of an overly zealous, war-mongering religious nut, time and current events have revealed one truth:

George W. Bush was right.


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