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Iran Officials Blame the West for Violent Protests

The massive demonstrations against the theocratic, repressive
Iranian government is finally getting the MSM attention it
deserves. The long-brewing grassroots pushback against the very
center of radical Islamic revolution is this season's story that
will have major impact for years to come.

Naturally, Iranian officials are blaming the demonstrations on
outside agitators, a claim that even Al Jazeera doesn't take

The Iranian foreign ministry has accused Western countries
of fomenting the violence that left at least eight people dead.

Ramin Mehmanparast, the foreign ministry's spokesman, said on
Tuesday that countries such as the US and UK had "miscalculated" by
siding with the opposition.

Clashes broke out after police used teargas, batons, and
eventually live rounds to try to disperse thousand of

Muhammad Sahimi, an Iran expert at the University of Southern
California in the US, said the government's crackdown was unlikely
to stop the opposition.

"If they were going to be cowed, they should have been by now,"
he told Al Jazeera.

"Over the past six months, violence has been used, a lot of
people have been arrested, tens of people have been killed, but yet
you don't see any decrease in the level of demonstrations," he

Sahimi said that as the government sought to suppress the
movement by force, support for the opposition instead grew,
expanding across the country.

"The demands have gone way beyond cancellation of elections, and
now people are demanding fundamental change in the system" of
government, he told Al Jazeera.

"The goal right now, is at the minimum, to weaken the position
of [Iran's ] supreme leader, to make him sort of a figure head ...
if not outright elimination of the supreme leader, and
the writing of a new constitution."

You got that? The West is twisting the arm of the Islamic
Republic's goons to kill people. It all makes so much sense.

More here.

Among the many miscalculations involved in invading Iraq was
that it put a temporary halt to similar demonstrations and
movements in Iran that were gathering momentum in the early part of
the decade. But you can only keep people down for so long and the
Iranian people seem to be back in force against a government that
has offered nothing but ashes since taking power in the late


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