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Iran Fires Ballistic Missile In Violation Of UN Resolution

Iran has test-launched a medium-range ballistic missile, in direct violation of the UN resolution they signed under President Barack Obama.

The Daily Mail reports that the Islamic regime launched the missile, which exploded after soaring 630 miles from a site east of Tehran, the capital. 

Iran's defense minister, Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, said in September that such missiles would be produced by the country, even though many argue they are in violation of the UN resolution signed by Iran and the United States. 

The Obama administration had previously stated that Iran's ballistic missile tests had not violated the nuclear agreement, but President Donald Trump has vowed to stop the missile program.  

Under the 2015 UN resolution, Iran is called upon to refrain from work on ballistic missiles which can deliver nuclear warheads for up to eight years. 

However some argue that the language in the deal does not make compliance obligatory, and Tehran insists that these missiles were not specifically designed to carry nuclear warheads.  

Trump has already spoken with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and the two "agreed on the importance of rigorously enforcing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran and of addressing Iran's destabilizing regional activities," the White House said in a statement.

Response to the missile test was swift on Facebook. 

One user wrote: "A direct result of Obama's failed Iran policy (They didn't develop and build it in a few weeks) They probably paid for the missile with the pallet of cash he sent." 

Another added: "And this is why we [shouldn't have given] them 150 billion dollars. Also this is why you don't trust the Iranian government period. That temporary ban seems to be making a lot more sense now."

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been critical of the Obama administration's policies toward Iran, has called upon Trump to renew sanctions against the Islamic regime.  

Netanyahu is set to meet with Trump next month at the White House, where it is believed he will discuss Iran's recent aggression in the region. 

Iran sparked international outrage last year when the country conducted two ballistic missile tests, one of which displayed the message, "Israel must be wiped out," in Hebrew. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: US Navy via Wikimedia Commons

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