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Iowa State Rep. Tom Shaw Wants Fertilized Egg to be Called an 'Individual Human Being' (Audio)

Iowa State Rep. Tom Shaw recently proposed a new bill, House File 138, which defines a “person” as “an individual human being, without regard to age of development, from the moment of conception, when a zygote is formed, until natural death.”

According to the Ames Tribune, the bill also states that "murder includes killing another person through any means that terminates the life of the other person including but not limited to the use of abortion-inducing drugs."

Under the bill, those charged with murder would include a mother who takes abortion-inducing drugs or a doctor who performs an abortion. There are no exceptions for rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother.

During a Feb. 6 radio interview (audio below) with Denver Bible Church Pastor Bob Enyart on 'Bob Enyart Live,' Rep. Shaw said: "There was a lot of concern with former bills about who would be charged, what would they be charged with … This puts it in the hands of county attorneys, just like any other murder investigation. A person is a person.”

“We’re talking about the victim of rape would go to prison along with her rapist,” countered Iowa State Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell. “It’s very hard to understand the feeling behind it. It’s a health care issue, I mean, sometimes in order to save someone’s life a woman could possibly need an abortion. When we talk about being pro-life, my new question is ‘whose life?’”

“This bill would imprison a woman and her doctor for attempting an abortion,” said
Planned Parenthood of the Heartland President Jill June. “A victim of rape or incest would be forced to carry a pregnancy or be put in jail, just like her assailant. Extremists pushing this bill are blinded by their ideology to eliminate abortion, and do not realize how this bill could hurt women and families in our state.”

Source: Ames Tribune


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