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Iowa Lawmaker Opposes LGBTQ Conference, Unaware What LGBTQ Means (Video)

Republican state Rep. Greg Heartsill of Iowa pushed an amendment yesterday that would require parents to opt in for their children to go to conferences about human growth and development.

Democrat state Rep. Chris Hall of Iowa asked Heartsill exactly what conference his amendment (on an anti-bullying bill) was referring to, noted (video below).

Heartsill replied:

I think there was a conference here about a month ago where there was some obscene material that was, uhh, that was presented to minor children, and not only were parents shocked at the material, but also administrators and teachers as well.

When pressed by Hall to identify the conference, Heartsill said, "The Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth."

Hall asked Heartsill what the acronym LGBTQ stood for, and Heartsill replied, "I think it varies from one, you know, one group to the next. I don’t know what all the … I don’t know … do you have the acronym?”

Hall later stated, "Some of this language is nothing but a potshot, in my opinion, at lesbian, gay, transgendered youth."

Hall said that current law already requires parental consent whenever children are in a classroom lesson about sex or learning about human sexuality.

"I am going to be opposing this amendment because this is absurd," Hill concluded, reports

The anti-bullying bill passed the state Senate, but lost in the House 50-46.

Image Credit: Iowa General Assembly


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