Iowa GOP Candidate Aims Gun at Obamacare (Video)

Iowa State Sen. Joni Ernst (R), who is running for the GOP nomination for Sen. Tom Harkin's (D) soon-to-be vacated U.S. Senate seat, recently released a commercial in which she aims at Obamacare with a handgun and fires.

"Joni Ernst will take aim at wasteful spending and once she sets her sights on Obamacare, Joni's gonna unload," the voiceover says in the ad as Ernst fires a gun at a shooting range (video below), notes The Washington Post.

"Oh, and one more thing," adds the voiceover. "Joni doesn't miss much."

At the end of the ad, Ernst asks voters, "Give me a shot."

However, Ernst doesn't mention the estimated 8 million Americans who would lose their health insurance coverage if Obamacare is repealed.

In a recent poll by Gallup, the percentage of uninsured Americans dropped to 13.4 percent in April, the lowest since 2008. That steep decline coincides with sign-ups via Obamacare and Medicaid expansion in states that have not blocked the expansion.

In a recent Iowa forum, Ernst claimed that U.S. laws come from God, but apparently that only applies to laws that she approves of, not Obamacare.

Sources: The Washington Post and Gallup


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