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Internet Regulators Receive Big Pay Day From Cable Providers

On Monday, President Obama announced his call to the FCC for regulations on net neutrality. Today, Gizmodo released the campaign contributions received by the Congressmen from the four major telecom companies.

These companies are Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and AT&T. The report says both Republicans and Democrats received $8 million in this year's election alone.

The Committee on Energy and Commerce and especially the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology are responsible for the oversight of the FCC. The FCC, of course, is in charge of regulating these very telecom companies. The Subcommittee will have a hearing on the issue of net neutrality on Dec. 10.

“As the FCC moves closer to a vote that could put the government in control of the Internet, it is imperative that the Congress hears directly from all five commissioners and leading stakeholders,” said Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI). “The Internet has thrived as a beacon of technological advancement, social connectivity, and economic growth because the FCC and Congress have rightly decided that a hands-off approach is best.”

Yes, Congress should review the potential implications that net neutrality would have on the country. Just remember that the people to testify to Congress during the hearing are the same people that have donated thousands of dollars to the very people asking questions. How harshly are you going to question the person who gives you a paycheck?

The following is a table that breaks down exactly what the four major telecom companies paid to the Congressmen who oversee the regulation of those very companies:

Image placeholder title

Here is a table for the Senate Subcommittee:

Image placeholder title

Every person on the Subcommittee has been paid by at least two major companies. Yes, 29 out of 29 in the House, and 22 out of 22 in the Senate.

Source: Gizmodo, TechSpot, Energy and Commerce Committee / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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