Sources: Hillary Clinton Had Two 'Top Secret' Emails In Her Private Server


The intelligence community has concluded that, despite assertions from the State Department, two emails that had passed through former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server had been classified as “top secret.”

Clinton, who is the current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has been weathering a storm of controversy after it was discovered she had used a private email server to send and receive messages during her time working for the Obama administration. 

The concern has been that a private server would not have had the same safety measures as a traditional government server, making the information sent and received by Clinton, who held a position of strategic responsibility, vulnerable to leaks from cyber-hackers. The issue has drawn the former secretary of state’s judgment into question.

During the investigation into Clinton’s emails, the intelligence community disclosed that two emails that had passed through Clinton’s server had been “top secret,” the highest level of classification applied to matters of national security. 

In November, it seemed that this potential headache for the Clinton campaign had been averted when Politico reported that both emails had since been downgraded to “secret.” 

After reviewing the matter, both the Central Intelligence Agency and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency concluded that not only were both emails originally top-secret but that one remains classified as such, two sources familiar with the review told Fox News. The news station reported this new development on Dec. 15.

The State Department is likely to publicly challenge the labeling of the remaining “top secret” email, but the government body does not have the authority to change it. Officials told Fox News that the classifications are a “settled matter.” 

The two emails allegedly involved the North Korean missile program and U.S. drones.

A State Department spokesman told Politico that the disagreement over the emails had not been settled as far as they knew.

While the classification issue does matter, the main concern is whether or not the FBI investigation concludes there was a criminal violation or not, Fox News notes.

Sources: Fox News, Politico (2) / Photo credit: Hillary for America/Flickr (2)

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