Indiana Democrat Wants The Dead To Be Able To Vote

Indiana Rep. Matt Pierce proposed a bill on Feb. 4 that “would allow an absentee ballot from someone who dies before Election Day to be counted.”

After finding out that U.S. Rep. Frank McCloskey cast a vote before his death in 2004 but it was not counted because he died before Election Day, Pierce created this proposal to prevent a similar incident.

Indiana Election Division Co-director Brad King believes allowing these types of votes may go against the state constitution in which it states voters must live in a precinct for 30 days before an election.

Pierce, a Democrat, made accusations against county clerks, saying that only a few of them check for deaths of absentee voters.

While there is no proof of this happening in Indiana, it has occurred recently in major cities.

According to the New York Post, the 2013 mayoral election was plagued with “lax oversight” from poll workers and “antiquated Board of Election registration records,” which allowed 63 deceased New York City residents to remain on the voter rolls.

In spring 2012, it was discovered that as many as 53,000 dead citizens in Florida may still have been on the voter rolls, a crucial misstep in one of the most important states during an election.

Sources: Time, New York Post, Politico, IndyStar Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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