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Pro-Gun Activist Adam Kokesh To Run For President, Dissolve U.S. Government

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In an interview with D.C.’s Fox 5 on Thursday, gun rights activist Adam Kokesh expressed his intention to run for president in 2020 as an independent. His platform: to abolish the United States federal government.

Kokesh, a libertarian talk show host and Iraq veteran, was arrested on July 9th after releasing a video on YouTube of him loading a shotgun on July 4th at D.C.’s Freedom Plaza. The video prompted a SWAT team raid on his Virginia home, where authorities, after deploying a flash grenade into the house, discovered a loaded firearm as well as a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms. He was arrested on charges of possession of a Schedule I or II drug while in possession of a firearm. He faces a minimum sentence of two years in jail should he be convicted.

In the interview, Kokesh accused law enforcement officials of planting the drugs during the raid. “I’m pretty confident that, whether or not they found anything, the full paper bags that [the police] brought into my house would insure that they had charges to bring against me,” he said. When asked directly if he was implying that police had set him up, he replied that he was.

Kokesh also discussed his presidential aspirations in the interview, stating that he would run “in 2020 on the platform of orderly dissolution of the United States government.” In explanation, he posed the rhetorical question, “why is having a federal government a good idea at this point?”

If released from jail in Virginia, Kokesh may also face extradition to D.C., due to his YouTube video and D.C.’s strict gun laws. Kokesh maintains that the incident at Freedom Plaza was an act of civil disobedience.

Sources: RT, Fox DC


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