Importance of Having a Blogging Business Model


I make money from my blog and you can do the same.

This is not a difficult process, and it does not require much knowledge. With a little time, money if you want to speed up the process, and patience, you can do what I do. Each day just by an hour or little more than just an hour, I am making between $2,000 and $3,500 per month and it is growing every day. I know some tactics which allowed and motivated me to write a blog on personal experiences. You will like my process if you try to mimic my ideas about costs and my labors.

How do I make money blogging?

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1. While on my search for small online venture I came across on web a blog worth $29,500 and paying $5,000 per month. As the benefit was handsome though I didn't want to involve in something risky as it could be a fraud. Even so, I contacted the owner and asked a few questions. I was very concerned to ride my money on some stake. Hence now it was worthy of note. Turns out this blog was a part of a blog ad network and there were multiple blogs available for purchase. A blog network, in this case, means that basically I log in everyday and copy and paste a blog someone else wrote to include on my site. That's all about blogs. This network has about 14,000 blogs in it and we all offer advertising in the form of published blogs. Increasing numbers of people are turning to alternatives to the rat race, and one of those alternatives is starting a home business.

2. Just tried luck and bought a blog for $2,000 that fetched around $350 per month. This was still a bit uncomfortable for me, and I struggled with my decision but decided to give it a try. After I received regular payments then I decided to expand with some more work on site. When I bought the site, even though it was generating income I wanted it to be better and be able to generate more.

3. I did some work on the site to add meta-data. How? I still remember how I chose the free plug-in to auto-generate keywords for me. Later I went back to towards history of site to re-save the keyword data.

4. I even added features like descriptions, tags, categories, and keywords everywhere to inculcate all elements for better blog. This took a little time, but my traffic ranking on Alexa went from over 14,000,000 to under 900,000 in just a month partly as a result of these and the other efforts I am explaining to you.

5. In order to bring something new, I even changed the theme of my site. Earlier the presentation of site was very simple with only 5 posts on the front page. Now I have a huge volume of posts showing at any given time, lots of images, and links galore. Get involved with a top online business known as blogging. There are two methods to work from home utilizing your own blog business.

6. I included some more advertisements too like. Using the funds I have been receiving for the site, I increased my advertising for the site. The standalone site earns money by 1) age of site, 2) Google page rank, 3) volume of posts, and 4) traffic volumes. Increasing the advertising (never to more than I earn from the site) adds to my weekly take at a rate of about $18-20 per month per one time $100 investment.

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7. Other sources of income include affiliate marketing, pay-per-click income, writing blog posts that I then publish on my site for advertisers. Search marketing, and banner advertising. My kind of blogs start at about $100 and later can get $20 per month too.


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