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Immigration Union Warns GOP About Legalizing Dream Act

A union representing 12,000 federal immigration workers has warned House Republicans against legalizing young undocumented workers by arguing that workers lack the resources and staffing to achieve such a task.

The union is made up of employees of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services — the agency that files immigration paperwork.

“I cannot stress enough how ill-equipped USCIS is to engage in the sort of far-reaching plans before Congress right now,” wrote President of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Council Kenneth Palinkas.

The letter was addressed to House GOP leaders, especially House NAjority Leader Eric Cantor and Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, who said they would legalize Dream Act immigrants.

DREAMers are those who are under the age of 16 and were brought to the United States illegally. They are also considered the most sympathetic immigration cases.

The GOP is facing pressure from business owners and party donors, however, to pass a bill soon. On Tuesday, nearly 100 donors and major officials from the Bush administration wrote to House Republicans pleading for them to pass a bill legalizing illegal immigrants. If passed, the GOP could gain support from immigrant voters and help boost the economy.

Instead of complying with the Senate bill, Palinkas suggested that the House “work with USCIS adjudicators to produce responsible reforms that enhance the integrity and security of our immigration system.”

Sources: ABC News, The Washington Times


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