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Immigration Reform Will Create Six Million Jobs, Says Conservative Group

A conservative think tank analyzed the Senate’s immigration bill and reported it would add nearly 14,000 jobs in each congressional district. During the next decade, that amounts to six million new jobs.

The American Action Network, a nonprofit “action tank” based in Washington, is distributing their report to lawmakers hoping to convince GOP members of Congress to vote for the reform.

The group released a district-by-district web tool that shows each district would see more than 7,000 jobs created by 2023, according to ABC News. On average, each district will see 13,992 new jobs.

The tool is comprised of economic data and new workers visas from Regional Economic Models, Inc. and a Congressional Budget Office report.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., an opponent of the reform bill, believes arriving immigrants are stealing those jobs from Americans.

“We don’t have a shortage of workers — we have a shortage of jobs,” he said in a statement in early August.

A report from the Brookings Institute shows immigrants are not competing for the same jobs as U.S.-born Americans, however.

“The most recent academic research suggests that, on average, immigrants raise the overall standard of living of American workers by boosting wages and lowering prices,” the report said. “One reason is that immigrants and U.S.-born workers generally do not compete for the same jobs; instead many immigrants complement the work of U.S. employees and increase their productivity.”

Sources: ThinkProgress, ABC News


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