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Immigration Activists Deliver Birthday Cards to House Speaker John Boehner (Video)

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Dozens of young activists left birthday cards at House Speaker John Boehner’s office, after he announced that the Senate’s immigration reform bill would not move forward in the House.

Many of the activists were young children with homemade birthday cards, leaving their gifts at the front door when there was no response from inside.

“There are kids here without their parents because they were deported,” Diana Colin from the Coalition for Human Immigrants Rights said.  “The message is ‘we know how important families are for Birthdays so think about our family.’”

After entering the House Longworth building, dozens of children sang “Happy Birthday to You” in English and Spanish.

“Keep families together,” they also sang. “And immigration reform for us.”

The children who delivered birthday wishes were part of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement’s Keeping Families Together: Youth in Action campaign.

In a videotaped exchange with a young immigrant activist Wednesday, Boehner said that he was trying to find a solution to immigration reform, but that it was difficult.

Boehner will celebrate his birthday on Nov. 17.

Sources: Talk Radio News, NBC


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