Illinois State Rep. Ron Sandack Booed for Supporting Gay Marriage (Video)

The Illinois Family Institute protested against State Rep. Ron Sandack over the weekend, while gay marriage activists staged a counter protest, outside the Republican's Downers Grove office (video below).

According to Patch.com, the "Defend Marriage" rally was organized to oppose Illinois Senate Bill 10, the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would legalize gay marriage.

The bill has already been passed by the Illinois Senate and is awaiting a vote by the House. State Rep. Greg Harris continues to postpone the vote until he has enough supporters, reports the Illinois Review.

Rep. Sandack made a brief appearance to defend his pro-gay marriage position, but was booed by the Illinois Family Institute protesters.

"With all due and humble respect, I truly appreciate you coming out and exercising your constitutional right to petition the government and make your voices known. You have my respect," said Rep. Sandack. "To be completely forthright, I am going to vote for the bill."

"We've invested our sacred trust in him, and he is misrepresenting his district," said
Barbara Bellar, a former Republican candidate for the Illinois Senate. "It shouldn't be about his ego or about pressure. It's about his constituents and doing the right thing ... Senate Bill 10 needs to burn and die."

As Illinois Family Institute representatives spoke about marriage being between "one man, one woman," the pro-gay marriage supporters chanted, "One man, one man, one woman, one woman."

Source: Patch.com and Illinois Review


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