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Illinois State Rep. John Cabello Compares Same-Sex Civil Unions to People Marrying Dogs

Illinois State Rep. John Cabello (R-Rockford) told voters at a Rockford Tea Party forum on Oct. 6 that he was "dead-set opposed to civil unions" for homosexuals because it might open the door "to other things."

Cabello said: "Now, and please bear with me. Does this now say that somebody can get married to their dog," reports the Windy City Times

Cabello’s aides had no comment.

However, Steve Spagnolo, the campaign manager for Carl Wasco (D), Cabello's opponenet, told “It’s highly offensive that Mr. Cabello would compare homosexual relationships with bestiality. It’s nonsensical at least and has no place in the realm of public officials saying such outrageously offensive things."

"More than one out of every 200 Rockford city households have a member that is a lesbian or gay individual and to so blatantly offend those individuals is outrageous.”


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