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Illinois Parental Notification Law Delayed, Again

From 1 jaw-dropping roadblock to the next, IL's parental notification law has been stopped from going into effect for 14 long years, since it passed in 1995.

First, for over a decade, the IL Supreme Court simply refused to establish judicial-bypass rules.

After the Supremes finally wrote rules, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood sued. A federal court ruled against them 4 months ago.

Then the IL Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation, with no legal authority whatsoever, "accepted the recommendations of members of its Medical Disciplinary Board" to enact a 90-day grace period to give abortion mills time to prepare new procedures, since 14 years wasn't long enough.

The 90 days was up today. Today, finally, the IL Parental Notice of Abortion Act was due to take effect.

But the ACLU sued again, and today the IDFPR - illegally - delayed the law's enactment again. It is meeting tomorrow to decide - illegally - whether to extend the grace period.

And the plot thickens. No surprise, this being IL, the players have connections.

Our lawyers on the case, the Thomas More Society, have learned that 1 of the 6 members of the IDFPR, Robert Fernandez, is partner in a law firm that represents Planned Parenthood of IL.

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"And, it gets worse," wrote TMS in a press release.

Brent Adams, secretary of the IDFPR, is a board member of the powerful Personal PAC, IL's leading pro-abortion lobbying group, and listed by Crain's Chicago Business as 1 of the top 10 contributors to IL political campaigns in 2008.

Adams' resume also lists him as a past member of the Board of Directors of the ACLU of IL.

As an aside, I've always thought it odd that the head of Personal PAC, Terry Cosgrove, is a (male) homosexual.

For all the feminist criticism of male involvement in "a woman's right to choose," I don't hear a peep from them here.

And it turns out Brent Adams is a homosexual, too, and HIV+.

Homosexual support of abortion makes total sense, as I've repeatedly said. Homosexuals and pro-aborts are flip sides of the same coin. Both want to commit illicit sex with no consequences.

But I digress. It appears the fix is in.


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