Illegal Immigrant Cesar Vargas’ Ability To Practice Law In New York Likely To Be Decided By State’s Top Court


A New York court will decide the fate of an illegal immigrant’s desire to become an attorney and practice law in the state.

Cesar Vargas applied to practice law in New York around a year ago, according to The Wall Street Journal. The 30-year-old Vargas came to the United States from Mexico at the age of 5.

The committee that evaluates would-be lawyers recommended against granting Vargas a law license simply because of his immigration status.

“We applaud Cesar Adrian Vargas’ devotion to the country he’s lived in for most of his life, and we applaud his dedication toward being granted the status to fully participate in all facets of life in the United States,” the Committee on Character and Fitness said in an report. “However, we believe that some matters, such as immigration status, are better left to the decisions of courts or to acts of the legislature.”

The committee’s recommendation was sent to the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, which reportedly is likely to send the issue to the state's highest court for resolution.

Last month, the New York Daily News reported that Vargas graduated from CUNY School of Law with a 3.7 grade-point average and passed the New York bar exam on his initial attempt.

“I want my mom to be able to say, ‘My son is a real lawyer,’” Vargas told the New York Daily News.

The Wall Street Journal also notes that courts in California and Florida are already weighing the issue, more than a year after the Obama administration launched a program allowing immigrants illegally brought to the U.S. as children to stay here and work.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News


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