Group Plans To Give Out Pot During Trump Inauguration

A group is reportedly planning to hand out free marijuana during President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20.

The D.C. Cannabis Coalition, or the DCMJ, announced their plan to have a parade to the National Mall, handing out 4,200 free joints on their path, according to Esquire. The move is reportedly legal because of Initiative 71, a law passed in March 2015, which allows for possession of two ounces or less of marijuana. While selling the drug is still illegal in Washington, D.C., it's reportedly legal to give it away.

A reported second phase of the DCMJ's plan is not legal, however. The organization encouraged the crowd at the inauguration to light joints four minutes and 20 seconds into Trump's speech. Smoking marijuana in D.C. is only legal within private homes, and not in public.

The DCMJ's founder, Adam Eidinger, said that while smoking weed at the inauguration may be illegal, it was an act of protest.

"If someone wants to do it, they are risking arrest," said Eidinger, "but it's a protest and you know what, the National Mall is a place for protest."

"We are looking at a guy who as recently as April said that they are going to enforce federal law on marijuana all over the country," said the DCMJ founder. "He said marijuana is dangerous."

"The main message is it’s time to legalize cannabis at the federal level," Eidinger added, according to WPIX.

Advocates for marijuana legalization are reportedly concerned about what Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions may do if he becomes Attorney General, since Sessions has previously spoken out against legalization, Politico reports.

In a floor speech in 2016, Sessions criticized President Barack Obama's attitude toward marijuana.

"You can’t have the President of the United States of America talking about marijuana like it is no different than taking a drink… It is different….It is already causing a disturbance in the states that have made it legal."

At CPAC in 2015, Trump spoke in support of medical marijuana, but said that recreational use is "bad."

"Medical marijuana is another thing, but I think [recreational marijuana is] bad. And I feel strongly about that."

Sources: Esquire, WPIX, Politico / Photo credit: Bogdan/Wikimedia Commons

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