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Obama's Office Confirms Anti-Trump Robocalls Are Fake

A fake robocall of former President Barack Obama asking Democrats for money to repeal President Donald Trump's executive orders is circulating.

Reports of the fake robocall began circulating in mid-March, Mother Jones reported. A spokesperson for Obama's office has confirmed that the calls are not real, and are in no way affiliated with the former president.

News of the robocall started circulating on social media. Celebrity Trump supporter Scott Baio was among the many who could not distinguish that the robocall was fake.

"Really?" Scott Baio tweeted. "I hope [Trump knows] about this."

Many Twitter users cited a tweet by former Democratic North Carolina congressional candidate Thomas Mills, who said he received the robocall shortly after a new executive order by Trump went into effect.

"So I just got a robo call from Barack Obama asking me to give money to help block Trump’s travel ban," Mills tweeted. "That was fast."

That tweet was followed by several others from users who said they had received similar phone calls.

"Just had robo call from #Obama wanting support to get congressional Dems to overthrow all #Trump repeals of Obama #executiveorders," wrote one user.

"I recd Obama recording call at work saying resist Trump," wrote another. "Obama needs to crawl back under that rock where he came from."

"This is disgusting and so SICK," tweeted another. "Its not election time. We knew Obama & Clintons wanted to destroy this country & [the president]! TREASON ARREST THEM."

But Kevin Lewis, a spokesperson for Obama's office, has since confirmed that the robocall wasn't from the former president.

"These pre-recorded calls were not authorized by President Barack Obama, have no connection to the former President, and have been reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities," Lewis said in a statement. "We will continue to monitor for and report any misleading or fraudulent uses of the President's image."

Pro-Trump administration reddit group "The_Donald" is asking fellow Trump supporters to report the calls to the Federal Trade Commission. They said the robocall is a "FTC telemarketing violation carrying up to a $6,000 fine PER CALL," and listed instructions on how to take action:

If you get a call, record the phone number and stay on the line until you get a real human (if possible). Be polite, otherwise they'll hang up! Just play along and act nice, then you need to ask them specifically what organization they are with. Pretend you might want to help / donate to persuade them. If they won't tell you, that is also a FTC violation.

Secondly, ask them how they got your information - your "opt-in" data for when you agreed to be contacted by them. If they can't produce it, they're violating yet another telemarketing regulation.

Now the important part. Go to [link omitted] and fill out all relevant fields. RECORD YOUR COMPLAINT NUMBER! Follow up if you don't get a correspondence within a week and demand they follow up and get a resolution.

Sources: Mother Jones, Thomas Mills/Twitter, Scott Baio/Twitter, The_Donald/Reddit / Photo credit: U.S. Department of State/Flickr

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