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If Twitter Picked GOP Candidate, it Would be Ron Paul

If that Twitter bird could somehow come down from the sky and cast a vote in the Republican presidential race, it would pull the lever for Ron Paul.

The Pew Research Center has done an extensive study of some 20 million tweets about the GOP nomination battle, and it found that Paul "has fared better than anyone else," writing: 

Congressman Ron Paul has enjoyed the most favorable tone on Twitter of all candidates examined. From May through November, fully 55% of the assertions about the Texas Republican on Twitter have been positive-the highest of any candidate-while 15% have been negative-the lowest percentage of any candidate. That is a differential for Paul of 40 points on the positive side.

This is in contrast to most of the rest of the GOP field -- negative comments outweigh positive ones by two-to-one. Only Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain, who is no longer in the race, received more positive than negative tweets.

The rate of negative tweets seems to follow what the polls are saying. For example, Cain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have experienced more negative comments lately as their fortunes seem to be falling in the polls. Newt Gingrich, however, has seen an upswing in positive tweets recently, and he now sits atop of most polls.

This has no effect on Ron Paul, however, who polls low but consistently has positive tweets written about him.

By the way, negative comments about President Obama outweigh positive ones by three-to-one.


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