IDF Helicopter Takes Out Hamas Terrorists As They Attempt To Infiltrate Israel (Video)


Video footage released by the Israeli Defense Force shows a group of Hamas terrorists being “neutralized” as they try to invade Israel by sea.

The video shows five Hamas terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel near the southern kibbutz of Zikim. The terrorists can be seen in the minute-long video arriving on shore and opening fire. The five Hamas members are seen walking on the beach when suddenly, the IDF air force helicopter fires upon them from above and they begin to run for their lives. By the end of the video, all five of the Hamas members were reportedly dead.

“Earlier today, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the sea near Zikim,” the official IDF Twitter account wrote in a post. “We neutralized them.”

Check out video of the terrorist takedown below.

Warning: Graphic Content

Sources: The Blaze, The Times Of Israel, The Jerusalem Post


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