Idaho GOP Debate Unexpectedly Entertaining Thanks To Two Long-Shot Candidates (Video)

The Idaho GOP gubernatorial primary debate last night looked more like a Saturday Night Live skit than anything else.

“Main stream” candidates Gov. Butch Otter and state Sen. Russ Fulcher were joined on stage by two candidates who were eccentric, to say the least. The candidates are Harley Brown, a biker who says God told him he would be president, and Walter Bayes, an elderly man who was arrested for homeschooling 16 kids.

Harley Brown, fitting with his name, appeared on stage decked out in biker gear. He rallied all night against political correctness, which he said “sucks” and is “bondage.” He says God told him he would be president one day, so he wants to be Idaho’s governor first to get some practice “in the Little Leagues.”

“I need practice! Practice!” he said.

Bayes, meanwhile, boasted about his anti-government credentials by saying his wife once drove a car illegally for three years because she refused to have an emissions test done. He also fought against policies that call for Idaho’s forests to be chopped down for energy.

“We’re wasting all kinds of wood out there, and they’re burning it, and smogging this place up,” he said. "It’s a bunch of garbage. They don’t know what they’re doing. Our forests are cut like somebody raising tomatoes: 'Well, they're purty red, don't pick 'em’. We’ve got a bunch of eastern idiots running everything.”

Brown also said he plans to take down the federal government with spiritual warfare. But enough of my recap. Check out the surreal highlights from the night yourself: 

Sources: Washington Post, Fox News


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