I went to a Klan Rally and a Press Conference Broke Out

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For those who didn't know, there was a Klan rally in my former place of residence, Gloverville, S.C. The hype that led to the rally was big, but the end result was a sparse showing by the Klan. Many excuses were made, but the verdict is in: The Klan is no Tea Party. Some suggested that if they called it a Tea Party instead of a Klan Rally, more people would have shown up.  

When I first arrived I saw the bulk of the crowd keeping their distance, not wanting to be associated with the Klan. I saw a load of police and media, as well as people who wanted to show their opposition to the Klan. These people far outnumbered the Klan and its supporters. The focal point of the rally was supposed to be against illegal immigration and health care, but I did not hear any solutions or arguments against specific policy points.   expected to see white robes and plenty of rebel flags and signs, but I saw no robes and only one rebel flag.

It seemed that the organizer Tim Bradly wanted to show the face of the new Klan. He even suggested working with the NAACP. In a moment of manipulation, someone orchestrated a handshake between a young black man and the Grand Wizard Tim Bradly. After speaking with the young man, he expressed regret and felt that he could face retribution in Barton Village. It was a sad case of how people manipulate images for their own leverage. The only place I saw the photo was in the Aiken Standard. Look closely at the picture and you will be able to see the bewilderment on the young man's face.  

click here for Blayne Alexander's report for WRDW News (CBS)


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