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I Am Canadian! (Hey...That Didn't Hurt)

Let me begin by assuring you that the following is not completely the fault of the recently completed Vancouver Olympics and the resulting shockwave of pride that swept the nation. I purposefully waited for a while to write this in the event that it was due to the post-Games headache or mirage. Turns out, it's for real.

Believe me, I am as taken aback as you are.

My surprising journey towards my newfound Canadian patriotism started some time ago, as I have explained inpast articles surrounding the separatism issue. What I witnessed during the West coast Games just added fuel to the fire, and highlighted what I consider to be some previously lost or forgotten fantastic attributes that make this country great.

I know that many of you are wondering what could have made the once unthinkable possible. After all the deep-seeded issues and grudges, what ingredients could have mixed together to result in such a change?

Fear not, my friends, for I still maintain my pro-Alberta biases. I haven't forgotten about such past crimes as the National Energy Program or the Trudeau agenda of social engineering. Evidence of hose and other messes continue to surround every Canadian.

But some things have occurred that, along with time and re-evaluation of priorities, resulted in a

new sense of pride in Canada.

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First and foremost, the fact that the economic center of the nation has done a monumental shift from its traditional home of Eastern Canada - namely Ontario and Quebec - to the West, with Calgary, Alberta becoming the new economic capital of Canada, gives even the most committed separatist reason to pause.

It is a long-needed power shift, and one that was needed for Canada to mature as a nation.

We have now had a Conservative government for a few years, albeit a minority one. We have had a federal government that has been perhaps the most West-friendly in decades.

That's not to say the Stephen Harper-led government has been without flubs, as evidenced by their doomed foray into political-correctness with Anthemgate. A rightwing government isn't supposed see a lyric such as '…by our son's command…' as a gender issue.

Once in a while we need to give them a slap on the back of their hand, but for the most part the West has been 'in' during the Harper era.

The backlash on the issue was wonderful and unexpected, as was the voices rising up against those idiots who bitched and whined about Canada's unabashed show of pride during the Games.

I've been telling these morons to shut up for years. For the first time, I heard others joining the chorus. One knucklehead was complaining about the celebrationof our Women's Hockey team - beer and cigars for everyone! - and used the old and tired 'it's not Canadian' line.

How amazing it was for me to hear others react the way I always have with this by questioning the previously accepted. How arrogant is this clown? What makes him believe he knows what it means to be 'Canadian'?

And that is the point, my friends. I have come to learn that what has long been accepted as fact - that we are a socialist-leaning, progressive, socially and culturally leftwing nation - is nothing but the result of spin. It is, for lack of a better term, manufactured crap.

Libertarian, perhaps. But leftwing? No.

It's kind of like a reverse Matrix situation. Canadians have been fed a program that has repeatedly stated that we must believe in things like forced bilingualism, peacekeeping instead of fighting, forced environmentalism, and that we must be seen as 'nice' on the international stage.

In short, the left has controlled the nation for decades and had their way with promoting their agenda. We must be wimps! We must have socialism! Disagree and we will all become….American!

But some of us, myself included, have taken the red pill. We have realized that we can reject heavy government interference in our lives. We do not have to accept the status quo.

We can support a strong national military, the War on Terror, tough-on-crime laws that favour punishment over rehabilitation for certain crimes, tighter restrictions on immigration, and more autonomy for the provinces.

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We have come to learn that it is not 'un-Canadian' to reject bilingualism, unity-damaging programs like Equalization, and the black hole known as universal health care.

And believe it or not, you can disagree with that wingnut David Suzuki and NOT turn into a raving American!

More and more Canadians are waking up to the reality that liberalism does not equal Canadianism. It's about time.

Even though I bask in my newly-uncovered patriotism, I will continue to wear my 'separatist' moniker with pride - Quebec separatist, that is.

As always, anytime they want to go…


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