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Huma Abedin Grieves As She Visits Clinton Headquarters (Photos)

Huma Abedin appeared close to breaking down in public while visiting Hillary Clinton's old campaign headquarters in New York City on Nov. 11.

Photos of Abedin, Clinton's closest aide, reveal a deep look of anguish and pain and large, dark glasses hiding tears as she walked, the Daily Mail reports.

At one point, Abedin wiped her eyes and her lips quivered.

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It's likely an even more heartbreaking loss, given it was emails on her estranged husband's laptop, which led FBI Director James Comey to hint at a reopening of the bureau's investigation.

"[It was Comey, the FBI director] who we think may have cost us the election," campaign chair John Podesta said of the review that revealed no new information.

Abedin is not the only one who worked with Clinton who cried as they pack up their bags and said goodbye.

"Hadn't cried yet today but leaving Hillary HQ for the last time and seeing children writing #lovetrumpshate broke me," wrote Zerlina Maxwell, director of progressive media for Clinton's campaign, on her Twitter account.

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Photos of children writing various messages in chalk outside of the Brooklyn headquarters touched others as well.

"Breaking my Twitter silence to share this: There are kids and families writing thank you notes in front of Hillary HQ," wrote Mina Markham, a senior engineer who worked for Hillary.

"This is the America I fight for," wrote Rob Flaherty, Clinton's digital communications manager, while posting photos of the chalk messages. "It's the America I love. We'll be ok."

"Stronger Together" and "Black Lives Matter" were also some of the messages left outside of the headquarters.

Clinton herself appears to be keeping it together.

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One hiker shared a selfie with Clinton, who was hiking with her husband and dogs shortly after the election.

"All I wanted to do is hug her," said hiker Margot Gerster, who was out with her infant daughter, NBC News reports. "She looked wonderful. She was taking a nice peaceful hike with her dogs."

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