How House Republicans Rigged Obamacare Survey

According to a recent survey by the GOP-controlled House Energy and Commerce Committee, only 67 percent of people enrolled in health insurance via Obamacare had paid their first monthly premium.

The survey was yet another Republican effort to attack Obamacare, which has signed up 8 million Americans who previously could not get health insurance under GOP rule.

According to CBS News, the House Energy and Commerce Committee "consequently reached out to every insurance provider... on the federal Obamacare marketplace and collected the data itself."

Americans had no idea that their private financial transactions with insurance companies were being sent to the House GOP, which often claims it opposes government involvement in health care matters.

House Energy and Commerce Committee head Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) insisted that Republicans have a right to know exactly how many Americans are paying their health insurance premiums.

However, Talking Points Memo reports that the survey by the House Energy and Commerce Committee was rigged.

"The survey was so incredibly rigged to produce this result, it was a joke," said a health insurance company employee, who provided the survey to Talking Points Memo. "Everyone who saw it knew exactly what the goal was."

The House Energy and Commerce Committee survey did not mention that many people still have until April 30 to pay their premium.

But April 15 was the deadline when the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked health insurance companies to return their answers.

According to Talking Points Memo, almost 40 percent of the people who enrolled via Obamacare did so after March 15, which means their premiums weren't due on April 15.

"They were clearly trying to get a specific result to rebut any positive news about enrollment," the health insurance company source told Talking Points Memo. "If they were really trying to get full data, they would have waited until early May for the answers."

Sources: Talking Points Memo and CBS News


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