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How are invisaligns made ?

Today, people who suffer from the problem of crooked teeth or teeth with improper alignment prefer to go for invisaligns over the traditional braces because of the various benefits that they offer. Braces long island is boon for many people with deviated tooth due to its several advantages. They are invisible, removable and can be cleaned whenever required. All these things add to their advantages are hence making them more and more popular.

First it is better to consult a good dentist who can check the alignment of tooth and allow you as candidate for invisaligns . Invisaligns are recommended in cases where in the alignment needs little correction. Traditional braces are best fit it the tooth alignment is spoilt very much to an extent. After the dental analysis by dentist, the impressions of tooth taken are sent to align technology lab along with x-rays and photographs of your teeth where the trays that fit your requirement and size will be made.

Transparent supports are made from thermoplastic material and fixed braces by ceramic. Invisaligns are custom made for you. The design of Invisalign is such that they put adequate pressure on tooth and move them at original place. They have to be prepared meticulously and carefully because the success of the treatment that is the extent to which the alignment of teeth is corrected will depend on how perfectly they are made and fit the place. When plaster models are prepared, they will be checked again and again to correct any discrepancy in matching the requirement. Any problem if found will be corrected and solved manually. In the next stage, a 3 dimensional model is processed on the computer and it is studied properly to check its perfectness. The technicians then separate the teeth in the computer model and move them to the final position as aimed by the dentist. Special software is designed in which visual tooth changes can be made for creating custom tooth. Dentists evaluation is must for ideal particular tooth model. This change is amending stage of process. Sometimes, there is need of a process called "reproximation" in which the gaps between two teeth are filled in order to make the invisaligns fit properly.

A coating is applied to the actual model to prevent any damage in the next stage. They are placed into chase only after sealing them. They are also mixed with mixture of urethane resin and hardener. They need to be in solid shape well in blocks to fit easily. For this purpose, they are kept in vacuum pressure chamber for some hours so that the resin hardens and make them look like blocks. The block appearance is obtained when Long Island Invisalign are kept in vacuum pressure for hours so that resin hardens. Once this is done, invisaligns are ready for use.


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