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GOP Budget Cuts Programs for Women & Families

By Joan Entmacher

The Republican House leadership is proposing major cuts in programs that affect women and families. The House is expected to vote on this "continuing resolution" later this week.

Please help us fight back by sending a clear message to the House of Representatives — Vote against the Continuing Resolution.

The Continuing Resolution for FY 2011 proposed by House Republican leaders cuts supports for women and girls at every stage of life. It:

-- Eliminates the Title X family planning programs that provide funding for contraception and other preventive care to over five million women and men each year
-- Cuts Head Start and child care for 368,000 children
-- Cuts millions from nutrition programs for pregnant women and their children
-- Cuts funding for prenatal care
-- Eliminates funding for the Women’s Educational Equity Program that helps schools comply with Title IX
-- Cuts funding for Pell grants, which help low-income women afford college, by more than $800 per student
-- Cuts funding needed to keep Social Security offices open and for meals, housing, and other supports for elderly women

In addition, the Continuing Resolution also cuts funding for education, housing, food safety, environmental protection, and more.

The debate over next year's budget also moved into high gear this week, with the release of President Obama's budget for Fiscal Year 2012. We'll be posting information shortly about what the President's budget would mean for women and their families.


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